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This course is aimed at beginners as well as for those who already work with energy.


The Dragons invited me to start working with them, when I was travelling around Europe and had stopped in Milan.  They began making themselves known to me through images, dreams and various sightings.  Then, during a work-related trip to Iceland, where I was teaching Angelic Reiki, the Dragons became part of that workshop and supported the healing, learning and teaching. 

Since then, the Dragon Realm have surrounded me and encouraged me to create a Reiki course.  They’ve asked me to share their power, knowledge and deep healing energy with as many people as possible, and those who feel drawn to them. I am, now fulfilling this wish. 


I feel honoured to be working with this energy and there are often profound shifts, during treatments and workshops.  Their healing energy is felt very lightly and softly.  Just like traditional Reiki, there are various sacred symbols, used to conduct different levels of healing.  The Dragons, work alongside me and through me during treatments and workshops.


This workshop is certified, and you will be able to work as a Dragon Reiki practitioner, on completion.   You will get to meet your healing Dragon/Dragons as well as gain an understanding of the Dragon Realm, the Elements and how they protect their treasure, which is us and our planet.  Attendees will all receive a manual and a certificate.


For those that wish to expand in the energy, there is also a Masters programme that can be taken.


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This course is certified by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

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