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The Dragon Reiki Practitioner Course was so amazing, I feel honored to be trained in this powerful healing modality! It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of information or energy, but just enough to really gain something meaningful from the two days. I already have noticed the impact it’s having on myself and my healing journey. I’m excited to share it with others. Casca is an awesome teacher, I appreciate it so much! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested. ?
Casca is a wonderful healer and instructor! She has such a loving energy about her that shines through in every interaction. I have taken three courses with Tranquil Garden Academy and each has expanded my experience and knowledge as a healer and Reiki Master. Learning to work with Dragon energy in the Dragon Reiki Course took my healing abilities to an entirely new level. It has deepened my spiritual connection and awareness in energy work. I look forward to continuing to learn from this amazing teacher!



Casca is a pure source of healing light and love. With her authentic knowlege and guidance of many types of spiritual modalities-She helps direct us towards the lighted path.
I recently took Casca's Dragon Reiki workshop. WOW!!!! This workshop was so powerful and healing for my heart and soul. Learning about dragons and how they can help our daily lives ... is life changing for me and has helped me move foreward with confidence. I highly recommend taking this workshop:) and connecting with Casca. She is a beautiful Goddess of healing light!
I Thank you for your healings and love and I am so grateful for you!
Burton, Ohio


This past weekend I took the Dragon Reiki 1 & 2 certification class. I only learned about Dragon Reiki a few months ago and it has been an amazing experience leading up to this class. Since being attuned my vibrations have been noticeably different. Thanks for opening my eyes to the light and love the dragons have to offer. Any one interested in meditation, reiki and dragons should consider taking this class. I am only a beginner and this was the perfect class. It’s great for all levels from my understanding. The dragons will meet you at whatever point you are on of your spiritual journey. Casca is an extremely loving teacher and spiritual guide. I highly recommend her services!
I’ve been part of two courses with Casca. The first was Angelic Reiki and the second was Dragon Reiki. I can’t find a strong enough words to describe how highly I think of Casca. She’s a magical teacher and as a person. So loving and kind and knowledgeable about everything.
I took the second class online and it was as magical as in person. Both courses were absolutely a dream and changed me. Now I am more understanding with my self and others and see the world differently. To connect with Angels and Dragons are much easier than I thought and it’s a beautiful gift to have them in your life, to guide you and just to be there for you when ever you need them. To understand that everyone can connect was a beautiful thing and makes me so happy!
Wonderful Casca. I am so thankful for you in me life and am looking forward to have more classes with you.


Jane Kamberou

Casca Graham demonstrates absolute confidence and guides the courses with a great passion in the most successful way. It helped me to deepen my energy work and experience. Always grateful for knowing Casca & sharing her knowledge & magical energy! ?? ????‍♂️?
Amazing! Casca created and held the most beautiful space for us. This modality is wonderful and our group came together seamlessly. The workshop was incredibly healing and the energy was safe and nurturing and invited time for self reflection and self care. What better gift can you give yourself, and then share with others? I highly recommend this!

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